28 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Snowing right now on this fine, Thursday March morning. At least it looks like March is coming in like a lion! I am really going to hold it to the lamb bit at the end of March. Your pictures are beautiful and actually, warming!


  2. Yup – this constant snowing is getting OLD! Your pictures have got me thinking about how I cannot wait to open my windows & smell Mother Earth in all her glory again!!

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  3. Hi Cynthia, you should get some Monks Hood for your garden, similar to Delphinium, highly poisonous so Deer and Rabbits keep well away. There’s many varieties but try get the one where the flowers are more bunched together than elongated like Delphinium … I thought I already made a blog post about Monks Hood (Also known as Wolf Bane) but now I can’t find it!! Probably still a draft, will send it to you once I either find it or put it up
    cheers from UK


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