Another foot

Seeds are in.  Another 12 inches of snow last night.  Today feels  warm..the sun is out and its in the 30’s!

20 thoughts on “Another foot

  1. It would be very difficult for me to adjust to having that much snow. We had our first snow of the year last week–3-4 inches that was all gone in a few days. Schools were closed, churches cancelled services, businesses shut down. All for what would be a normal winter day elsewhere.

    Meanwhile I’m looking at seed packets too. This season will pass.


    • My oldest daughter went to school in Virginia and I would stay with her a few weeks in the winter. Many times my flight home would be cancelled for the tiniest bit of snow. I guess it’s a matter of not needing/ having the heavy duty equipment to deal with the occasional snowfall.
      We are looking at the end and onto Spring, Thank Goodness!!


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