Winter Cheer

Crazy as it may seem with temperatures in the negative digits and 3 feet of snow on the ground, Spring is in the air! The days are getting longer  …it doesn’t get dark until 6 pm now and  seeds are starting to sprout.  My leeks are coming up!   I saw a notice posted in a coffee shop, offering coffee grounds to gardeners.  My husband checked in with a local coffee shop near to where he works and if we provide a bucket, they are willing to fill it with used grounds.  I finished painting another one of my masonite boards.  I got a little carried away with this one but at this point in my life it’s all about the process, not the product.  I had a bit of a laugh to myself when it was done because the cherub at the top came out looking like my Mom, totally unplanned.   Lol!  Art therapy, longer days and spring seeds work wonders to keep high spirits and hopeful thoughts for the coming days, even in the dead of winter.


30 thoughts on “Winter Cheer

  1. They’re great in the compost. By themselves, I turn them right over into the garden. My Mother used to dump hers directly onto the soil surrounding her hydrangea bushes to insure the blooms came in blue, rather than pink

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  2. Love that you use coffee grounds too! We get bags of them from local coffee shops and work them in around the hydrangeas and blueberries. Along with sulfur to make up for a pH of 7.5! Yes, spring is almost here and I can’t wait to get my lettuce in the ground. Love your art!!

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  3. Spring is in the air. . . heh heh. You’re an optimist like me! I went to an heirloom organic garden class last night & now I can practically smell the spring grass. I do love the colors you use when you paint – that pale green background with the pinks & pops of brights. Very cool.

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  4. Beautiful artwork. Great way to pass a cold, windy day. It is crazy cold here, too and I can’t really paint so today, I made a dog coat out of a remnant of plaid wool…came out perfectly and all it cost was 2 hours of my day. My dog wasn’t so thrilled, though but she is warm outside, now!

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    • Sewing is fun on these days too. That is my plan for today. What a cute idea..making a plaid dog coat! My little white dog, Flora, had a skin issue and couldn’t wear collars so I made little dresses with a loop on the back for her leash. I used all scraps and remnants. It was so much fun and she looked so cute.


  5. Even though I save my own coffee grains for the garden, I never thought about asking at coffee shops and think it is a great idea. Will try and do so for the future, thanks for the tip Cynthia.
    I became a grandmother for the fifth time this morning and I am overjoyed of course, another little girl called Willow this time.
    Kind regards, Agnes

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  6. Lets hope some of that warmer sunshine melts the 3′ of snow! Coffee grounds are also great for blueberry bushes as they love really acidic conditions. Even in my acidic soil, I add coffee grounds directly to get a good, sweet crop


    • I knew they loved acidic soil but somehow I hadn’t thought about the coffee grounds for them. I mulch them with pine needles but they have been doing poorly the past couple years. The berries are prolific but excrutiatingly sour, as sour as the currants almost. I cant wait to start digging in these grinds! thanks, Matt!

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  7. How I love your painting! You are so talented!!! Love the little geranium looking out of the window;0) Yes, yes, spring is around the corner…but outside this humdinger of a storm is approaching quickly, better put the kettle on again;0)

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    • Wow, Ginene! That is such a nice compliment. Thank you so much. I love both of them too..fancy that, us both liking the same thing! (again). Your beautiful blog and your thoughtful comments always brighten my day!

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