Valentine’s Day



When my girls were little,  I would set the table fancy for Valentine’s Day morning and bake heart shaped muffins. Their Dad gave each of them their own little box of chocolates.   This year my youngest came home for the weekend.  I  set the kitchen table up a bit  last night and made some scones to have this morning with cream and strawberry jam.   The perfect way for me to start the day, with my baby girl…Live-Love-Laugh… and happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


12 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Just a perfect Valentine morning! I adore your teapot and tea cup, Cynthia! What a perfect blend of vintage Valentines and a modern Valentine wish! Happy Valentine’s Day! ♡


  2. I have never been a follower of valentines day – though it seems to becoming bigger over here as the years go by and I think it passed all our girls by as well. But you have obviously made it a lovely tradition in your family . We are a teapot ( and tea leaves ) family so I do appreciate your country roses tea set, my mum had that same set and it went to my eldest sister after Mum died . It is a beautiful life and we are so very blessed are we not?

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    • My Mother’s birthday was Valentine’s Day so it was always her day, really, and still is. We never got into the romantic aspect of it.
      It is a beautiful life and we are very blessed!


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