It’s all Relative

Record breaking cold and more snow on the way.  A few years ago, I saw a news report featuring a middle aged woman, braving the darkest neighborhoods in New Haven.  On  the coldest nights, such as these, she  checks on the homeless. She encourages them to allow her to bring them to shelters.  She leaves warm food and blankets to those that don’t wish to go.  Sometimes she has to call an ambulance.   I watched as the news cameras focused in on this woman.   Filled with awe and admiration, I was shocked to recognize her as my second cousin. She was clearly impatient to get on with her work and not at all interested in an interview or a pose.  She is a true hero and I never even  knew it.  I can’t believe the same blood runs in our veins.  I feel shamed to think of the complaining I’ve done about being cold and shoveling.

19 thoughts on “It’s all Relative

  1. Yes, you have the same blood running through your veins. You admire and celebrate your cousin and you let her work put your discomforts in perspective. We cannot all fight on the barricades and believe me, you bring a lot of good and beauty in the world too. Hats of to your cousin, she is an angel. have a lovely weekend, Johanna.

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  2. I have a number of friends who work or volunteer in ways for which I simply don’t have the capacity. I admire them. I also look for ways that I can contribute. I think that somehow – all together – we achieve balance for our communities. At least that’s my hope!!


  3. That is just wonderful, and a nice thing to think about while the weather is so cold there, I am sure your heart is warmed by what your cousin does, it is lovely that you are sharing this great example, it warmed my heart too.


  4. Cynthia,
    That is so cool that the woman turned out to be a relative. You must have good genes floating in your blood. That is something of which to be proud. I can see the quality of clear light that is coming in the window in your photograph. From living in Northern Wisconsin, I recognize that light. I remember one night when I was a child and my mother was tucking me in. Suddenly, she said that she hated the cold weather because of all the homeless people that had no where to live. It was the first I’d ever heard of people that had no where to live and I thought in my selfish, childish mind that I wished she hadn’t mentioned it just as I was trying to fall asleep. Your cousin is some kind of a saint.

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    • This morning I was irritated because there was a mixup and our oil tank was very low. I was worrying that with this cold snap, we would run out and have no heat, frozen pipes… then I remembered that news story. Too easy to get spoiled and take so much for granted


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