Missed by the Blizzard

It was our turn to get lucky, I guess.  We ended up with only 6-8 inches of snow where I live.   I took a ride around town in my old jeep and everything was shut down except for a gas station and a liquor store.  Sending out warm and safe thoughts to those who did not fare as well!

22 thoughts on “Missed by the Blizzard

  1. While I find it very beautiful, I hope that everyone is ok there across the Atlantic. I hear you have so much snow and bad weather.
    Take care.


  2. Nothing here, just about 1 inch, which was disappointing compared to the 3-5 inches the weathermen predicted. And we noticed that as the day progressed and nothing happened, the weathermen kept changing the forecast 😀


  3. I’m glad you came through it OK and didn’t get buried as predicted. But I have to chuckle since 6-8 inches would seem like a blizzard here!

    Enjoy the snowy beauty. 🙂


    • We’ve hardly had any snow either but it’s very cold and very gray since Christmas. Last night we got a few more inches and they’re forecasting (somewhat sheepishly, lol) another 6-8 inches for Sunday.

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  4. Delightful snow scenes in your town! I enjoy snow but consider yourself lucky to be missed by the blizzard. Disposal of all this snow is a HUGE problem here on the seacoast…. and, boy, do I dread the big melt.


    • I do feel lucky, I wish it would have blown out to see and missed everybody . 2 feet is too much! Never again do I want to climb out my bathroom window with a snow rake, lol. Good luck with this upcoming forecast!


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