One Lovely Blog Award

2 of my favorite bloggers; Matt from Railway Parade House and Jim from Mind Your Dirt  have nominated me for The  Lovely Blog Award!

I love Matt’s blog.  He lives on the other side of the world from me and it brightens my day, (especially in these cold ,winter months) to see the beautiful pictures of his gardens, all the quirky wildlife and to read his upbeat, colorful and knowledgable stories that go with them.  Thank you Matt!!

Jim is on the other side of the country from me, in California.   He’s an amazing “tree person”, gardener, excavator, “chicken man’, bonsai artist…the list goes on!  He shares so much information…”How to’s” and “How Not to’s”, lol.  I learn so much from him and he really makes me laugh funny and clever.  Thanks Jim!!

I’m supposed to say 5 things about myself so,  1.I am an art school drop out  2. I studied herbalism from a native American who is was also an M.D.  3.I am married  4. I was an optician  5.  I’m the oldest of 3 sisters and have 3 daughters

Five truly Lovely Blogs I would like to nominate  are

Fox and Finch Antiques

Mrs. Walker Goes Back to School


Everyday Cheer

Practicing Resurrection

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