Away with the Grey

The grey was getting to me.  Dark skies,freezing rain, slush…my daughter laying on the couch eating contraband poptarts..lights off and TV blaring… ugh, too depressing

Gone are the days when I could turn off the television and set her onto something productive so I lured her up from the couch and away from poptarts with the offer of an afternoon of beauty.  We started off with yoga….I have a nice instuctional video that has waves and sea gulls in the background. It drowned out the sound of sleet pelting our windows. Then, I mixed up an avocado and honey  facial. It was easy to make and  our skin felt  refreshed and rosy.  (it was a little chunky and awkward to apply, next time I’ll run it through the blender).

Next came  the “Dead Sea Detoxifier and Relaxant”.  In other words, a hot bath with sea salts added.  I added 2 tablespoons of castor oil to 1 cup of Dead Sea Salts.   Castor oil doesn’t  leave the greasy residue in the tub like the other oils.  Epsom salts can be substituted for the Dead Sea Salts and castor oil is optional.  The salts are high in minerals which are absorbed  by the body during the bath.  There’s a good amount of magnesium which relaxes muscles.  I added some lavender oil to the mix and lit a beeswax candle near the bathtub.

While my daughter soaked away, hopefully leaching some of the college toxins out of herself,  I spent the rest of my ‘afternoon of beauty” looking at garden catalogues .  Lavender and honey in the air, poptarts in the garbage..

17 thoughts on “Away with the Grey

  1. Haha , James!! You’ve got me laughing again! I came downstairs when she had the poptarts in the toaster because I thought I smelled chemicals, lol! It occurs to me that maybe I am getting a little eccentric …

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  2. What a wonderful mom you are and what an excellent idea to beat the grey. We had freezing drizzle all day yesterday…something you can only pronounce with a face is if you smell something nasty;0) I love the winter but not the grey! Well done! xoJohanna


    • Lol!! Freezing drizzle… How unappealing!! You are right about the face it makes to say that. I am not a fan of winter. I’d better shift my attitude … This is just the beginning.


  3. the last line is my favorite! Lovely way to connect with your daughter while battle back the greys! it has been a cold and grey winter so far, but at least we have sun today after -20 last night. hope you keep seeing more colors everywhere, the seed catalogs are a great fount of eye candy! Next week we are taking my niece to a Conservatory to be in the “tropical jungle” for a few hours. Nice get away!


  4. Oh…I know that grey!! “Grey sticks!” is the way I would describe winters in the northeast. I realize how blessed I am to be able to be in Technicolor during the winter months…mostly gone are the effects of SAD 🙂 Bravo to the bath…it has become a place of great contemplation for me ❤


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