Cookies and Christmas Projects

Such a fun time of the year! The weather has been icy, rainy, snowy and overall dreary but it doesn’t matter, I’ve been busy inside baking and trying to finish Christmas gifts. This picture will be for for one of my daughters. My Dad’s 79th birthday was this week so I made a batch of his favorite cookies. It’s the same recipe his Grandmother used when she made them for him. I had a lot of felt from my Mother’s sewing room so I’ve been playing with making these ornaments. I had them all hanging in the kitchen window. My girls noticed them on Thanksgiving and took home what they wanted. You learn to share everything when you come from 3 sisters and have 3 daughters, lol! I’m glad my daughters liked them. I hope all of you are enjoying the season!


These cookies bake from 7-10 minutes.  It’s best to refrigerate the dough,  for about 15 minutes, before rolling it into little balls.  Set them a couple inches apart onto the cookie sheet, they do spread.

12 thoughts on “Cookies and Christmas Projects

  1. Cynthia, Hi! Is that a Victorian orchid case? Looks like it to me. What a rare find. I have old felt Christmas ornaments up in the shop this year. I hoped you would share your great-grandmother’s cookie recipe with us! I usually bring in a sweet potato vine and a geranium inside, too, just to remind me that summer will return, but I don’t have a window that ever works well, really, so I decided to give it up this year. As always, your home looks inviting and creative. The painting is fabulous, just fabulous.


    • The case is a reproduction. Wouldn’t I love to have an original! I inserted the recipe at the bottom of the post. My Mother made my sisters and I recipe books with all of our family recipes, a long time ago. I love the bright green of the sweet potato leaves with geraniums. Isnt that funny that we both put them together? Thank you Ginene!!

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      • Oh, good, Cynthia, Thank you. That was sweet of you. I’ll let you know how they turn out. You know what I think is funny about the sweet potato and the geraniums…that we both brought them inside! I think the case is really cool.


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