Window Dressing

I do seasonal window dressing for an optical store. It’s a few stores away from where I had my store. I had to modify my style and personal preferences to fit this store but I like the way it turned out. The display is double sided, seen from the inside and through the window. It was strange being there a few weeks before Christmas and not having a store any more. A wine shop recently opened where I had been. There’s been lots of ‘endings’ the past few years. That is life. New beginnings too.

13 thoughts on “Window Dressing

  1. I love looking at the window displays. Why is it I never think about the person who created the display? You’ve added a whole new layer to my appreciation. Well done.


    • Thanks Judy! It’s funny how liven something like a simple window display can take a lot of time planning and executing. I notice in your posts all the polishing and editing that goes into your books. Those are major undertakings, of course, but it’s amazing to think about all the time, effort and creativity that goes into so many of the things we enjoy

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