Thanksgiving Table Arrangements

I spent some time today figuring out how  I’m going to set the table for Thanksgiving.   There’s a lot of Bittersweet outside but the berries are poisonous and drop easily from the vines.   Better to keep everything contained. A few strands placed within vases does the trick. There’s no need to add water and they will stay pretty for a long time. These bring color to the table, look light and airy and stay neat.  Sparkling glass, natural twigs and berries with a bit of metallic…  Simple, homey and a  little special. Works for me!

22 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Table Arrangements

  1. Very nice indeed! I can take a lesson from your thoughtful and lovely arrangements. I’m hosting my 8th orphan Thanksgiving. All the friends that live too far from family. This year it’s 11 people. The most I can manage is a clean house, a delicious meal and a fake fire on a loop on the flat screen. I will have a table cloth though! Fancy, I know. Do you do pro bono work? Mirth I have, decoration skills I need.


  2. Yes very nice and it will make your table beautiful. We here do not celebrate Thanksgiving and I think we are the poorer for it, have been thinking of introducing it for my family. A great table suggestion Cynthia.


  3. What an absolute brilliant idea to put the vines into the glass vases!! Pretty and safe. I am thinking Christmas now and no pine needles in the gravy either! Thank you so much for sharing!!!! Have lovely Sunday, Johanna


  4. Cynthia,
    What a good idea to keep the bittersweet contained inside of sparkly glass cylinders. I love your way of using natural autumnal vines for Thanksgiving. Nature makes a perfect Thanksgiving partner as we remember how grateful we are for what we have. It must be especially nice at your house because you are so in tune with the seasons and harvesting the gifts of nature. I’m a fan.


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