Staying on Task

I would like nothing better today than to pull out my paintbox, brew up some tea and spend the day painting happy pictures. This always happens when I make commitments or have looming events that I don’t want to deal with on the horizon. I promise myself that tonight, after supper is cleared, I will paint. In the meantime, I’ll plan my pictures and  think of all the colors and cheerful things I’ll put on my boards as I get on with the tasks at hand.

6 thoughts on “Staying on Task

  1. sounds familiar Cynthia – for me its “I’d like to….” vs “I should….”. I always seem to be juggling these positions! All the best, Carmel


  2. Cynthia, Good to know I’m not alone in promising myself that I’ll do something fun after the dinner dishes are washed. I can’t believe that I actually believe myself anymore.
    Cynthia ARE THOSE YOUR PAINTINGS!!! They are wonderful! I love the one with the fox and the acorns and dill. You are incredible.


  3. I wonder how many of us do that ? Lol! Reward systems.
    Thanks Ginene! I love making pictures. I’m past the point of trying to make great art … now I paint whatever I like , however I want


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