November- Wormwood & Apples

Wandering outside in the garden today, Silver King Artemesia caught my eye. It’s a Wormwood, one of the few things harvested in November and I had almost forgotten about it!  I snapped a few stems and within minutes had them wound into a simple wreath. It has a fresh, clean scent. I hung it in the kitchen, on the door leading to my spooky old cellar.
Tomorrow, I’ll gather the rest of the Silver King. Dried, it makes a great addition to sachets, being a powerful moth and insect deterrent. It also has antifungal and antibacterial properties so I use it to make a simple household cleaner. I fill a glass jar with fresh or dried wormwood and citrus peels and completely cover everything with white vinegar, so all the herb is submerged. This mixture sits for 4 weeks and is shaken daily. Then the herb and citrus are strained out of the vinegar and it’s all done. All this will take no time at all but today I had other plans.
I had a big basket of local organic apples and wanted to use them while they were fresh. I made apple turnovers. They freeze really well and are worth the effort. I used organic, non hydrogenated vegetable shortening and butter to make the pastry and rolled it a little thinner than I would for a pie. Also, I mixed a couple tablespoons of arrowroot flour in with the apples, sugar and cinnamon. That thickened the juice as the fruit cooked so the crust didn’t get wet or soggy. So delicious!

7 thoughts on “November- Wormwood & Apples

    • Thank-you! There are so many bloggers, like yourself, that are master photographers! I am miles away from that but I feel so lucky to see and enjoy such beautiful work. The horse you posted a couple days ago was just fantastic! The light did wonderful things there

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  1. Thanks for the recipe for making cleaner with the Artemisia, I had not heard of it before and want to do this. The exciting thing is to make something from what grows in the garden, right now I did not add this Artemisia to my herbal plot but it is on my list for the spring as are another few herbs that I learnt about lately, exciting 🙂


  2. I am eager to get my work done today so that I can make turnovers tonight with the last of the apples from a local farm stand. There is nothing I enjoy more than making and freezing pies on a cold autumn night. I have only turned the heat on once this winter and have been spending my evenings in the warm kitchen.


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