The Hawk

Yesterday I was plagued with worrying thoughts.  As I went about my work, these thoughts grew to such an extent that I lost focus on the task on hand.  I dropped an entire pot of soup stock on the kitchen floor.   Then, I knocked a cutting board full of vegetables into a dirty sink.  After cleaning everything up and feeling very annoyed with myself, I decided to take a break and  do some yoga poses.  Unpopular as this may sound, I don’t like yoga at all.  I’ve  had to do it  since I was a teenager because of back and neck problems.   I put it off shamelessly.  Yesterday, I was hoping  it would  balance me out.  In the middle of a halfhearted warrior pose,  I began to wobble and came crashing down.   Ouch!!!  Self pity threatened to take over.  No way.

Grabbing my i pad, limping and rubbing my shoulder ( which still hurts, lol), I went to my gardens, determined to see beautiful things, bigger than my problems and be grateful for them. As I was trying to take a picture of a tree, a hawk flew right over my head.  It was so close, I was under his shadow and I felt the wind from his wings. It happened so fast but as he swept past me, I saw the giant spread of his feathers and I reached out my hand, thinking I could touch him.  I couldn’t of course but he lifted up and perched on the tree I had been trying to take a picture of.   We stood looking at each other for a while and I lifted my camera to take pictures of him and he flew away.

15 thoughts on “The Hawk

    • Just read your falcon post, lol!! I had chickens and all but one was taken. I’m assuming hawks got them because all that was left were piles and trails of feathers. Really the only reason I haven’t replaced them. I do love how you write… You are funny but really give a lot of information at the same time

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  1. Cynthia,
    Yesterday, I was taking a short cut while walking to the post office and a pheasant (in town!) flew up two feet away from me and I felt the air pushed out from its wings. That is a coincidence. I used to have chickens, too. Half of them were killed by a coyote attack. It was upsetting, that is for sure. I have days were I can’t get centered, too. Discipline is hard! Dropping a pot of soup stock on the floor? That would require a walk or a hot bath.

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    • Something in the air yesterday with our feathered friends? ugh, coyotes. We have so many here. A rabid coyote was hanging around my house for weeks and I couldn’t get anyone to address the issue. It was finally caught after it bit 2 people down the road from me.


  2. The hawk’s presence took you out of yourself, but you didn’t manage closer photos. So often serendipity or coincidence provides us with a theme; and we are prevented from achieving a shot, but that doesn’t matter. Here what you have written needs no picture.


  3. Hawks are majestic creatures. But far too often they kill and eat our chickens, so I don’t like seeing them around here. I prefer to admire them from a distance. 🙂


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