Hello November

Hello November! Today was windy, raining and cold.  Gloomy  Aconitum, not one of my favorites,  is still holding on to its flowers.  Also called Monkshood and Wolfsbane, every part of this plant is poisonous.  It’s often featured as the culprit  causing gruesome deaths  in murder mysteries.   It was one of the few plants here when I moved to this house 14 years ago.

This little Black Eyed Susan vine, on the other hand, is so cheerful and  still blooming.   I started the seeds inside in early April and  then set the baby plants into a pot,  trellis in place,  6 weeks later.  By mid June the vines had scrambled to the top of the trellis and were covered with flowers.  I save these seeds.   After the flowers bloom, I pull the pods and set them in a bowl on the window sill.  One night in September, I heard  lots of little popping noises. All  the pods were opening and shooting little black seeds out of the bowl.  This is a fun and exuberant plant from start to finish.

Today I made some pizzas.  Trying to come up with a  thin crust that is  both crispy and a little chewy, I  substitutied 1/3 of the white flour for semolina flour and it worked pretty well.  I topped them with mozzarella, cheddar and asiago cheeses and tomato sauce.   Really good! Thinking of something else I wanted to get done, I headed out to the vegetable garden for some cabbage. Halfway there, soaking wet and freezing, I turned around and decided not to make sauerkraut. Better to spend the afternoon with a pot of tea in my favorite chair, making Christmas presents.  Happy November!

16 thoughts on “Hello November

    • lol! yes! I just finished reading yours. Have to say, your place is looking soo good! Must be a great feeling, having put in so much work to stand back now and admire all you’ve done.


  1. Love your crocheting – I always wish I had the knack to be crafty and then remember to be grateful that just about everything grows for me!! Happy November, Cynthia!!


    • Thanks! I think having a green thumb is such a gift! I used to wish I was a good violinist but you are right, so much better to be thankful for what we have. Happy November to you!!


  2. Argh! That vine lives here along with Cardinal vine, and while I love the cheeriness they take over everything!! I really like your title and look forward to reading more. Thank you for stopping by!


  3. I kinda miss the seasons. It’s been about 15 years since I moved to San Diego from Buffalo. This time of year has become a bit surreal to me. It does get colder at night, but the days still get warm and sunny. Sometimes I don’t know what to do in the garden because all my instincts tell me “the frost is coming!” then it never does. It’s also odd observing my plants that need and want the winter dormancy period. Not sure what to tell them. They seem confused.


    • At the end of the garden season, I used to be a little relieved and felt a sense of excitement and anticipation in the fall. Now I begin to feel caged and by February the cage is very small, lol. Then again, living in a place that is always warm would be odd. It would be like learning a new language as far as gardening goes. I could see how your bonsai would be very satisfying and rewarding, being a Buffalo transplant

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      • Yes and no, I do wish I could do maples and other deciduous trees out here. They don’t do well in this climate. The love of bonsai for me came from necessity. I used to live in apartment complexes where room was scarce and bonsai gave me more bang for my buck in the space saving category. You’re spot on about learning a new language! Even after 15 years of SoCal living, I still feel like a novice when the it comes to local plants. Back east I knew all the trees, and even taught identification as part of the Upward Bound program at a local college. Now I feel like a newbie. At least I have a renewed sense of wonder about my ignorance. So many new discoveries yet to make in a horticultural sense.


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