9 thoughts on “Fall

  1. What a wise man Winston Churchill was – his words are so true! I’ve never realized, until reading this quote why I feel there is something missing in my life since we moved from the home we had lived in for 36 years to a brand new home. We raised our children in that home and I started an amazing business there which allowed us to build a newer home. But now I realize that nothing can bring back the magic of that precious dwelling, save for the beautiful memories which I will always cherish…………Thank you Cindy for sharing this with us.

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    • I know the feeling, Gloria. My Father called late yesterday to tell me that his house sold, my childhood home. Part of me just wants to push down all the memories of that house and the house I lived in when my kids were little. I’ll pull them out later, after I make it through this move with him. Lots of good- byes, closings and endings in a very short time.


      • It’s a passage of life, Cindy. Wishing you the best during this painful move. Be blessed knowing that you will always have those precious memories to turn to and to comfort you……………

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