Pinwheel Party Favor Bags

Pinwheel Party Favor bags

Pinwheel Party Favor bags

This past summer I had a bridal shower for my daughter Emily in my home.  Of course, I wanted to make everything myself.  Lol!  Looking back, I see that I need to work on my delegating skills, not to mention that whole ‘perfectionist’ issue I have going on.  Anyway, I found some really cute bridal shower wrapping paper that fit perfectly with my ‘ vintage’ theme.  I wanted to incorporate it somehow into my decorations.  I decided to make pinwheels with it and attach them to the favor bags.   I found  a great pinwheel tutorial from Hoosier Homemade.
I made my pinwheels 6 inches. Instead of using craft paper, I printed a 6 inch square of a pink gingham design onto sticker paper. I cut my wrapping paper into 6 inch squares and stuck it onto the back of the pink gingham sticker squares. I used a hole puncher instead of scissors to make the pinwheel holes for the paper fasteners. I punched a hole in my party bag as well. Then I just popped the paper fastener on the pinwheel into the hole on the bag and it was done. Quick, easy, inexpensive and so cute!


Photo Credit;  Stacy DeMonte (a couple of photos) photography

Photo Credit; Stacy DeMonte
(a couple of photos) photography

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10 thoughts on “Pinwheel Party Favor Bags

  1. Hi,
    You “liked” a comment I made somewhere out in the Internet and I stopped over to see what you are up to and am so glad I did. I’m signing up to be a follower. You had me at “Tomato Anxiety.” That’s just how I feel. Love the sunny and warm color of the room in your latest post. The Wordless Wednesday photograph with the frog – you captured a wordless feeling that I’ve had.


    • Somehow this ended up in my spam, Ginene. Here we are just a few weeks later and I am so glad we found each other’s blogs! You take things to a whole new level. Every post is beautifully written and photographed. You have a natural elegance and charm. I find myself remembering your posts and go back to retread them and look at your pictures over and over again.


    • Thanks! It was a wonderful day! Everything changes when our kids get married and start their own lives. I wanted this to be in keeping with how it was for all the years she was growing up. Gardens, homemade food, lots of handmade things…family. I am really happy that we had a home shower!


  2. Cynthia, your decorations came out beautiful! I am sure it was delightful! My shower was a backyard garden shower and I will always treasure it. I am sure your daughter will always remember fondly on your home shower too!

    Also, I fixed your link. Your picture was too pretty to ignore 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to share with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays and have a wonderful week!


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