Luna Moth

Luna Moth

Luna Moth

Early in June, I was making coconut cakes for my daughter’s shower.   Up against the window, looking as if it were peering in and waving, was a giant, lime green creature.  I had no idea what it was and at first, I was a little fearful to even go close enough to get a better look.  It was a male luna moth.  He stayed for 2 nights and 3 days.  He barely moved at all that whole time.  He was in the window, right near our back door and all the comings and goings, preparing for the shower, didn’t seem to bother him at all.  I kept wondering if he had died and was stuck to the window.  On the third night, somewhere around midnight, I shut all the lights off , inside and outside.  The next morning he was gone.

I did some research on our visitor.  Luna moths are also called  Giant Silk  moth  and American Moon moth. They only live about a week as moths.  They have no mouth so they don’t eat.  The males  quest for the pheromones of a female and can travel pretty far to find her. They are still during the day and travel by night.  Their population seems to be dwindling,  most likely caused by the disappearance of their natural habitat.  The  Sumac tree,  a real nuisance here, is a host tree for the luna moth.  I look at the pesky Sumacs with new eyes now.

How grateful I am to have had this experience!

Luna moth

Luna moth



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