Colonial Williamsburg Garden Inspiration

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg

At home, in New England, the gardens are winding down. I’m already making notes for next year. This morning I took a morning walk in Colonial Williamsburg and was filled to the brim with ideas and inspiration. .

I love how all the trellises and garden supports are made out of sticks and branches. I try to emulate this at home. I’m thinking these giant tepees might be good for the little pickling cukes.

These gardens are so neat and clean, not a weed to be seen. That’s an inspiration in itself! I love the grid system. A little too orderly to suit my nature but I do admire it!

I will always have a weakness for beautiful flower borders. I am in the process now of integrating more vegetables and herbs into my huge perennial borders. I can’t bring myself to sacrifice them completely to a more practical use of space.

In the north, on 1 1/4 acre, there are some things I can not have. Luckily, I get to enjoy them here.


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