Williamsburg Farmers Market


Williamsburg  Farmers Market giftsofnature@cox.net

Williamsburg Farmers Market

I had such a fun morning today! I went to the Williamsburg Farmers Market. It’s right in the middle of Historic Williamsburg, in Merchant Square. There is live music, happy people, delicious food, gorgeous flowers and I was able to bring my little dog Flora along!

It is a wonderful Farmers Market, they have so many different things, all locally grown, made or harvested. I was delighted to see a lot of organically grown produce and pasture raised meats. They had cultured food there too… kefir, yogurt and lots of handmade cheese. There was also pastries, pies, seafood, chocolate, honey, jams, homemade breads, fresh eggs and butter. Are you hungry yet?

Native plants were being sold there. They also had handmade soaps and cosmetics. Some unusual things were on offer as well; bison steaks and organic worm castings, both sold by the pound.

The merchants I spoke to are doing very well at the market. There is even talk about extending the season. Yay!! I love that there is so much appreciation and support for our local farmers, artisans and small businesses. I am excited that there is a growing awareness everywhere about cultured food, organically grown produce and pasture raised meats, eggs and dairy products. It is good to see that we are bringing things home:)


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