Vintage <3

Easy  vintage iron transfers

Easy vintage iron transfers

I love vintage patterns! I feel like I found a treasure when I come across a great, clean tablecloth or fabric at a flea market. When I was a kid, I used to go to Woolworths with my Grandmother. They had drawers full of iron on patterns. We would pick out the one we wanted and then choose the colors we needed for our design. I had a little blue embroidery hoop and my own sewing basket. Such great memories! Lots of fabric stores still sell the iron on patterns. There are a lot of really cute vintage designs. They are so inexpensive, and the embroidery floss and the hoops are too. I add my own vintage touches to my pillowcases, hand towels and flour sac towels.  Just iron on the design, stitch in the embroidery and it’s done!  Very quick and easy to do!  This was shared at Share Your Cup Thursday!


14 thoughts on “Vintage <3

  1. I love embroidery as well! I just finished some pastel roses and am deciding if I want to fashion it into a dresser scarf or pillow… Decisions, decisions. Yours are lovely and bright! I love them! I also have all the vintage transfers which makes it so fun 🙂


    • That reminds me of when my girls were little. I made matching dresser scarfs and pillow cases for their rooms. Mine too, I had pink roses. The transfers are fun, and quick! I like embroidery so much better than cross stitch or crewel.


  2. I love vintage embroidery patterns. I have quite a few that my cousin gave me that once were my Aunt Violas. Your towels are just gorgeous! My mom taught me to embroider when I was young and I still enjoy it so much. I really appreciate you sharing your talent with SYC. I will be featuring you this week.

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    • Thanks! Not hard at all! I learned as a child and taught my daughter when she was around 10. The designs only cost 2 or 3 dollars and most of them come with easy to follow instructions.


  3. I love those poodles! I’m working on a quilt with embroidery from vintage patterns and have hunting down hot iron transfers for the past few months. It’s amazing what keeps turning up — some of the old ones are so much fun.

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    • I went to your site, Michelle, it is really beautiful. You have such wonderful vintage patterns!! That little seamstress with the sewing machine.. so different and so cute! I actually made a baby quilt with that little cat pattern you have. My daughter, “the baby”, started college a few weeks ago and took it with her;]


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