Fall is in the Air

imageIt’s still hot and sticky here  for most of the day but the nights and early mornings have a chill on them, a clear sign that summer is ending soon.  Oddly,  my tomatoes haven’t begun to ripen yet.  The blackberries are late too.  I guess pots of tomato sauce will be  simmering on the stove, with piles of blackberries on the counters , while I am washing, ironing and packing my daughter’s things up  that she will need to go off to her first year of college.  I am thankful to be busy.  I already have a long list of cooking, cleaning, canning and sewing projects that I am counting on to help ease the transition of my baby  being away at school.  When I had 3 little girls running around, at times I used to think longingly of finishing something uninterrupted and having time to myself.  Now I think longingly of having them all around again.  But enough of that!  I have things to do.. .making up organic  lotions, natural air fresheners, plenty of lavender soap and granola bars to pack in the college bin.  I hope my daughter’s room mate isn’t a hair spray addict or a heavy perfumer, lol!    Maybe some day students will be given the option of a chemical free dorm… now I am being obsessive.  Time to go grate some beeswax!


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