Sunday Morning Visit


I have 3 daughters. Within the past three years, two of them have left home and gotten married. I am happy and excited about the new lives they are building, but I miss them! I miss having them here;  baking with me …..going apple    and berry picking together.  I miss doing art and sewing projects with them and redecorating their rooms….I miss hearing about their lives on a daily basis and having their friends around.  I miss my little girls.  I even miss my teen-agers. The good part is that I love having grown-up daughters and the relationship we are developing as adult women.

I was excited yesterday when my oldest daughter, Amanda, said she would be stopping by for a couple hours this morning. I decided to make our visit a little special. I mixed up some pastry dough and stuck it in the fridge. This morning, I rolled it out, piled some of our garden blueberries in the middle, gathered the dough up around them, pinched it together and sprinkled it all with a little sugar. Into a hot oven it went!  Then, I set the table on the back porch with some pretty china I found years ago at a second hand shop in town.  I went out back and picked a big, fat bouquet of limelight hydrangeas.  In less than an hour, everything was done! My open blueberry tart was delicious! My daughter was surprised and happy to have a little fuss made over her. We had such a great  morning, sitting on the back porch, drinking tea and talking together like old times.  I do miss the old times. ….thankfully, now is wonderful too!

Limelight hydrangea

Limelight Hydrangea

Open Blueberry Tart

Open Blueberry Tart

I shared this post with Bernideen’s Tea Time and Share Your Cup Thursday

7 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Visit

  1. What a sweet gesture for your daughter! The tart looks delicious and nothing quite as gorgeous as Limelight Hydrangeas. I love mine! I love it when I get together with my three girls also. Nothing quite like the bond between a mother and daughter. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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