Upcycled candle holders

Have you ever wondered what to do with all the pretty, mismatched glass pieces you’ve somehow managed to collect? These candle holders offer a great solution and they are easy to make and inexpensive!
Wash and dry your glass pieces. Get some clear silicone adhesive from your local hardware store and get started!
1. Arrange your glass into a pillar shape. Make sure the top piece is suitable to hold a candle and will catch dripping wax.
2. Starting from the bottom, liberally apply the silicone adhesive to bond the 2 bottom pieces together. Let them dry a bit so the glue sets a little. If the glue is too wet, it is slippery, and the weight of the next piece you add may cause your structure to slip. I learned this the hard way!
3. Continue with this method, adding and gluing pieces from the bottom up until your candle holder is complete.
4. Let dry for as long as the silicone’s manufacturer recommends. Check and adjust it, if needed, making sure it stays straight.
5. If you’d like to embellish it with bits of glass or jewelry, Krazy glue works well for that.

*when moving your candlestick, it’s best to pick it up and move it as a whole rather than grab it by the neck or base

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