My Treasures from Trash…remaking things beautiful

I always wanted an old house. I didn’t care how big it was or how fancy it was. I wanted something that had character and had a good, homey feeling. I also wanted it to be on at least an acre so I could have big gardens. I kept a journal and found or drew pictures of my “dream house”. 13 years ago, everything fell into place and my dream came true, even better than I imagined! Some of my friends and family were appalled and couldn’t understand why I fell in love with this house. The floors and walls are crooked, it’s a little shabby, some of the rooms are small and shaped oddly. There is very little storage space…. To me it is perfect! Since then, I have been repurposing and making whatever I can to make my little house the most beautiful place to me. It’s amazing, the treasures I find! With just a little ingenuity and an artistic eye, things become so beautiful again and cost next to nothing!
Here is a little vignette I arranged in my dining room. White rustoleum paint completely transformed this iron plant stand. How pretty and sparkly the glass looks on it, in front of the window! Pretty glass can be found everywhere! Tag sales, flea markets, your mother’s cabinets, your own cabinets…and it costs so little. The little bubble dish was only a quarter. I love rescuing things doomed for the dump and making them a beautiful part of my home.

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