I got this yogurt maker as a gift a while back. It is so simple to use. I am lucky enough to live in a state where raw milk is legal. I use the raw milk to make the yogurt but I do heat it to the boiling point first. I know that kills the beneficial bacteria but my experience has been that the yogurt does not set otherwise. My understanding is that the bacteria in the raw milk overpowers the culturing bacteria in the yogurt. The good news is that the milk I use is from local grass fed cows and heating it doesn’t destroy the vitamin k! Homemade yogurt seems to generate more whey. As my little pickling cukes ripen, I can pop them in a jar, add some herbs and spices and use the whey to lacto ferment them! So, I have healthy, fresh, organic food for much less than it would cost to buy and I am not consuming all the plastic and packaging material!image

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